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DesoFace and DesoBody fat dissolving injections

DesoFace and DesoBody fat dissolving injections are innovative treatments designed to target and eliminate stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to traditional diet and lifestyle changes. These injections offer a non-surgical solution for individuals looking to sculpt and contour their bodies without undergoing invasive procedures.

DesoFace and DesoBody are the perfect treatments for people who have stubborn pockets of fat that won't shift, despite spending time in the gym and making changes to their diet.

Sometimes, fat remains despite all our best efforts. This can be frustrating when we have made the right decisions in our diet and lifestyle, with excess fat can have a negative effect on our self esteem.

These areas of fat can now be dissolved using DesoFace and DesoBody, the latest injectable treatment for face and body sculpting. The active ingredient in the injection dissolves the fat, which is then naturally removed through the lymphatic system.

DesoFace and DesoBody is a scientifically proven, non-surgical solution to treating stubborn pockets of fat.

What areas can be treated with DesoFace and DesoBody?

Your practitioner will be able to identify which areas are suitable for treatment. But common areas of treatment include double chin, upper arms, stomach, bra/back rolls, inner knees, thighs, and buttocks.

What happens during Deso treatment?

Emma will assess you for suitability for the treatment. This will include talking about your desired outcomes and your lifestyle, as well as addressing any concerns you might have.

Emma will then administer the injection or injections in the required areas. The active ingredient in DesoFace and DesoBody is deoxycholic acid, which is naturally present in the intestine. When injected into stubborn fat, it dissolves the fat cells which are then broken down and removed by the body.

Frequently asked questions

Deso is usually well tolerated with little discomfort, but a local anaesthetic is usually administered which helps minimise any local pain.

Am I suitable for Deso fat dissolving treatment?

Deso is a wonderful treatment option for those who have a normal bodyweight but with localised areas of stubborn fat which has not responded to diet and lifestyle changes. Deso is not a solution for obesity or obesity related fat problems.

What areas can be treated with Deso fat dissolving treatment?

Deso face and DesoBody can be used on most areas of the body including arms, back rolls, thighs, buttocks, knees, inner thighs, abdomen, and double chin.

What is the downtime of Deso fat dissolving treatment?

There is no downtime with minimal redness and swelling.

What results can I expect from Deso fat dissolving treatment?

Deso dissolves fat and creates a slimmer profile.

How safe is Deso fat dissolving treatment?

When administered by a trained practitioner like Emma, DesoBody and DesoFace are very safe.

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