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Solar Lentigo/Age spots

Solar lentigo, aka age spots, are caused by the skin being exposed to the sun. They are more common as we age, and while they are not harmful, they can affect the appearance of the skin.

What are solar lentigo or age spots?

Solar lentigo is the result of accumulated melanin production by the skin. The body creates melanin, a darkening substance, to protect the skin from the sun. This is why we tan when we are out in the sun. As we age, the melanin can gather, causing highly pigmented areas.

Why do people suffer from solar lentigo or age spots?

Solar lentigo is commonly seen in areas which are exposed to the sun, such as on the face and hands.

But pigmentation can also be caused by hormonal factors such as pregnancy (melasma) or following an injury or trauma to the skin.

Symptoms of solar lentigo or age spots

Solar lentigo or age spots are usually flat areas of darkened skin which range from light brown to black in colour.

Smaller age spots are often grouped together which can make it appear to cover a larger area.

Best Treatment for solar lentigo or age spots

Solar lentigo and age spots are best treated with laser therapy. IPL laser treatment is a safe and effective treatment which can dramatically improve the appearance of age spots and create a bright and clear complexion.

Melasma or other pigmentation issues are best treated using certain types of chemical peel.

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