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How to look after skin in the winter

Dec. 15, 2022

The winter can be a beautiful time of year, with cold and frosty days making everything look sparkly and magical

How to look after skin in the winter

The winter can be a beautiful time of year, with cold and frosty days making everything look sparkly and magical. Unfortunately, the cold can often leave the skin looking less than sparkly, extreme changes in temperature making the skin reactive and sore, and central heating dries out the skin leaving it rough.

If you’re wondering what skincare products and treatments are needed in winter, you’re in the right place. Because thankfully there are several aesthetic treatments available which can offset the effects of the cold weather on your skin. In this article, we look at your best skin care for the winter season.

Chemical Peels

The winter is the perfect time to have a chemical peel, as it exposes deep layers of skin which are more vulnerable to the sun but shielded during the darker days. Having a chemical peel in the winter can provide a much-needed boost to the skin, removing dead skin skills and revealing fresh new skin beneath while keeping it more protected during recovery and healing. Depending on the active ingredients, chemical peels can also be used to push additional hydration deep into the dermis, with peels containing lactic acid great for gentle exfoliation and hydration. There is a spectrum of chemical peels from very mild to super intensive resurfacing ones meaning there is one to suit everyone.

Laser treatments

Skin conditions such as eczema or redness concerns like rosacea are often triggered by the cold weather, making the winter a great time to consider taking advantage of the collagen boosting effects of laser treatments. And with recovery taking up to a week, the winter can provide much needed healing time. The effects of laser treatment will also last long into the summer, giving you a head start on great skin in the warmer months. It is also a brilliant time to treat any sun damage or pigmentation issues as most people will have time away from the office to recover. And let’s not forget the rejuvenation benefits of laser, skin quality will most definitely be improved.

Additional hydration from the inside out

Several injectable treatments provide the skin with much needed hydration. Most dermal fillers have a base of hyaluronic acid which provides hydration as well as the plumping and filling effects that you would expect. But if you’re looking for gold standard hydration, consider Profhilo, a world leading skin booster treatment which restores the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin, as well as stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin cells and moisturising from the inside out.


Just because the days are shorter and darker, don’t make the mistake of forgetting your SPF. The sun still emits the same strength of damaging UV rays during the winter as during the summer, and these can affect your skin even through glass and windows. So even if you aren’t going outside as often, you must protect your skin. We recommend a minimum of factor 30 on all exposed skin (don’t forget the hands!), and a broad-spectrum formula will protect from both UVA and UVB rays.

Don’t forget the hands

While we often focus our attention on the skin on the face, our hands face a barrage of attacks during the winter, being expected to cope with the transition between icy cold temperatures outside and warm dry centrally heated air, and rapid changes between wet and dry through handwashing.Don’t forget that several treatments that you would usually consider for the face are also effective on hands, these include laser treatments, peels and injectables such as Profhilo. So don’t forget to treat your hands to some love this winter!

Lifestyle factors

The festive season is the perfect time to let loose and have some fun. This usually means lack of sleep and excesses of food and alcohol. Making sure that we continue to look after ourselves, with plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water and getting our vitamins is key to keeping our skin healthy during festivities. A skincare consultation will give you a bespoke treatment plan of the right products to apply to your face in winter. And if you’re in need of a pick me up, a B12 injection can give a much needed boost, providing more energy and supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

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