Emma Wedgwood

How aesthetic treatments can help boost your confidence and well-being.

March 7, 2023

One of the pressures that we often feel as women is the need to look good. Our confidence can be tied up with how we feel that we look, it is a strong woman indeed who has managed to sidestep the constant onslaught of media imaging and societal pressures of “beauty”.

But while feeling pressured by someone else (or society) to look a certain way is completely toxic, there can be no denying that how we look has a major impact on how we feel inside. A million romcom makeover montages can’t be wrong.

In this article for International Women’s Day, I’ll look at ways that aesthetic treatments can help boost your confidence and have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Reducing insecurities around a particular condition

We are our own worst enemy. And so often the things that bother us go completely unnoticed by others. But that doesn’t lessen their impact on our self confidence. Conditions such as acne, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation can have a damaging effect on how we feel.

Body acceptance is very important but having treatments that lessen the severity of the conditions that bother us most can give a huge boost in confidence, with life changing results.

Nobody should feel bad about how they look, but we can get stuck in a loop of focusing on the things we don’t like rather than the things that we love about ourselves. Having treatment for something that is bothering you can free up time and energy to focus on the things that you love about yourself for a more positive mindset and boosted self confidence.

Boosting your confidence for an event

The lead up to an upcoming event where you feel that you might be looked at or judged can be a worrying time. But focusing on how we look can remove the fun from the event when we should be enjoying it!

At the extreme end of the scale the emotional effects of the things we perceive as our flaws can prevent us from living life to the full, avoiding social events or not doing anything that might draw attention to ourselves.

Having the right treatments, tailored individually can give us our self esteem back and leave us feeling happier and more excited about the upcoming event.

We only get one life and it’s important to live it to the full. Feeling that we’re looking our very best can give us the self confidence we need to step into the best version of ourselves.

A holistic approach to self care

We all know that self care is important. Getting enough sleep and exercise, eating right, and drinking plenty of water, are just some of the ways we can look after ourselves.

It has been clinically proven that when we practise regular self care we can reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness, and boost our energy… the impact of selfcare really is more than skin deep.

Having aesthetic treatments is a brilliant addition to your self care routine, to show yourself how important you are. Any aesthetic treatment can serve as a reminder that we are worth the time and cost that goes into treating our skin and body with care.

What treatments are best for boosting confidence and wellbeing?

If you have a specific skin concern, that is the best place to start. Speak to an aesthetic professional who can advise you on the right course of treatment for your condition. That plan may include injectables such as skin boosters, dermal fillers or exosomoes. Once you have addressed any niggling worries you can embark on an ongoing treatment regimen to maintain the results and further boost your skin condition.

If you’re looking for a general boost to the radiance of your skin, you can’t go wrong with a chemical peel or laser treatment. These treatments give your skin a fresh start, remove imperfections and leave it more receptive to your skin care products or future treatments.

And finally, don’t forget that your skincare begins at home. Not only with your lifestyle choices, but also the products you use every day. If you’re feeling baffled by choice or fed up with wasting money on ineffective products, why not book a skincare consultation? I will prescribe the right treatments and products for your skin and any skin conditions you have, so that you know that you are looking after your skin in the right way, every single day.

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