Emma Wedgwood

Are celebrity skincare brands worth it?

Feb. 10, 2023

It’s not new for celebrities to cash in on their popularity and create their own brands. Fragrance, clothing, household items, food and supplements, and even wine are some of the industries which famous people often become involved in. But the latest trend is skincare, with everyone who is anyone putting their name to a line.

But are they effective? And are they worth the, often eye wateringly high, price tag? Read on to find out.

From Iman in 1994, through to literally EVERYONE today in 2023, celebrity skincare brands aren’t going anywhere.

But before you rush out and hand over your money, it’s important to ask yourself whether your cash could be better spent.

The psychology of skincare

We’re all looking for the best possible results for our skin. And with many of us suffering with one or more conditions that we would do anything to cure, we can be easy targets for false promises and slick marketing campaigns.

This is why celebrity brands are often wildly popular to begin with. On some level, we all believe that if we eat this supplement, wear these clothes, or slap this cream on, we will look like them, and in turn our lives will miraculously transform to be like theirs. But, just like us, all celebrities are different, and their skin is just as variable as ours. (And frankly, even if we did somehow manage to match their skin, we would still be living the same life as we do now, not in a mansion in LA with a personal trainer, chef, and a garage full of supercars.)

Are celebrity skincare brands effective?

There are so many celebrity skincare brands that it’s difficult to tell the wood from the trees. This is why, if you’re considering taking the plunge into celebrity skincare brands, do your research as they are not all created equal.

Most importantly, only consider brands which have been developed alongside medical experts. A pretty pot and a fancy brand do not a great serum make.

Most celebrities are not skincare experts, far from it, so they are unlikely to have the experience and expertise required to develop an effective product. Many brands are purely designed to be money machines, not only ineffective, but often containing cheap ingredients, such as parabens, mineral oils and SLS, some of which are known to damage skin.

Having said that, some ranges might be worth a second look. Pharrell Williams skincare brand Humanrace has been developed by dermatologist Elena Jones, giving a bit of professional kudos to the brand, Alicia Keys partnered with renowned dermatologist Renee Snyder in creating Keys Soulcare, and Victoria Beckham is quick to explain how Augustinus Bader, a well-respected name in the skincare industry and has his own line, helped her develop products for Victoria Beckham Beauty.

But the few outliers aside, the question remains, why? You wouldn’t want an untrained celebrity to perform laser treatment on you, or carry out your Botox injections, so why spend an absolute fortune on skincare products simply because they are faced by a celebrity (who doesn’t know skin)?

The very best skincare products are developed by medical professionals, and contain ingredients which are proven to be effective, and at levels which are known to work.

Despite the currently flooded market, most celebrity skincare brands fail, because they simply don’t work. But if you’re still tempted, standard skincare rules apply. Only invest in products which have been developed by skincare experts and have stood the test of time. These are more likely to be the ones which are effective, and more importantly, safe.

And as I am always saying, all skin is different. Speaking to a skincare specialist who can identify and address your skincare concerns will result in a bespoke prescription for proven treatments which will be effective and worth your investment.

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