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Anti-aging skincare routine

June 27, 2022

Fine lines. Wrinkles. Dull skin. Pigmentation. These are just some of the things that our skin can look forward to as we age. Aren’t we lucky?

What is the best anti-aging skincare routine?

Fine lines. Wrinkles. Dull skin. Pigmentation. These are just some of the things that our skin can look forward to as we age. Aren’t we lucky?

But there are things that we can do to help delay the signs of ageing for as long as possible and help to improve the appearance of ageing skin. And while injectable treatments can have incredible results, you should also look to create a perfect skincare routine first to improve their efficacy and outcomes.

But it’s not straightforward. The right anti-aging skincare routine varies from person to person, so it’s always good to get the advice of a qualified skincare professional.

In the meantime, here are some of our expert tips on creating your best skin yet.

At what age should I start an anti-aging skincare routine?

There are some people that say you can never start too early, and we agree.

While the ageing process (and therefore the need for anti-ageing techniques) won’t start for some time yet, proper cleansing should ideally begin as a teenager. Getting into good skin habits early will help condition the skin and prevent acne and other problems which could leave a lasting impact.

From around 20 years old, our skin begins to lose 1 to 1.5% of its collagen every year. So, it’s (literally) downhill from there. And this is also when that pesky pigmentation might start, as the melanocytes that create melanin in skin become unstable and result in uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and sunspots.

From age 20 onwards we recommend a minimum of cleanse, moisturiser, and SPF. Special ingredient serums can also be added at any age to address specific concerns. Your skincare routine should be regularly updated as you age to reflect the changes in your skin.

What time of day is best for my anti-aging skincare routine?

You should attend to your skin morning and night but remember that some ingredients don’t play well together and therefore should be put on at different times. Others might need to go on at a different time simply because they are more effective that way.

What is the best anti-aging skincare routine for my skin type?

There is a common misconception that oily skin ages more slowly than other skin types, but this isn’t necessarily true. The extra moisture in oily skin can give it a plumper appearance, which looks like fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. But damage from the sun is the biggest cause of ageing skin, in the form of sunspots and pigmentation as well as wrinkles.

You should also consider how sensitive your skin is. Some ingredients, such as retinol, can be difficult for sensitive skin to manage, and require a slightly different approach. There are a couple of different types of retinols which can be considered, retinol palmitate is one of the least irritating. You could also try lower concentration retinol, or you might have to avoid it altogether.

You might also have allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients which must be considered. A skincare specialist can advise on the right products for your skin type.

What ingredients should I include in my anti-aging skincare routine?

As you age, and your skin changes, different ingredients become more important, this is why it is useful to have a specialist recommend the right ingredients for you.

However, there are several ingredients we should all be including in our daily routine, SPF, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid to name a few. Check our recent blog post for more information on our top 5 skincare ingredients.

By looking after your skin, you will help create the best possible skin for your age.

However, the best skincare routine for you is one which is completely tailored to your exact skin type and lifestyle. Having a specialist skincare consultation with Emma will provide you with tons of valuable information about how to prevent and minimise ageing, as well give you a bespoke skincare routine which will improve the tone and texture of your skin at any age. Get in touch today to book yours!

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